Is Offset Better Than Digital Printing?
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April, 2019

The Power of the Basics

Bambra values the pure craftsmanship behind high quality print on specialty stock. We will be the first to admit we love embellishments and difficult processes, but at the end of the day it always comes down to the same two elements; print and paper. It is for this reason that Bambra wants to celebrate the fundamentals of print. There is significant power and simplicity through ink on paper, and this is how you can take advantage of it.

Rich Imagery

There is something to be said about rich images on a printed page. It is engaging, highly tactile and luxurious. Think about why luxury brands choose to advertise in magazines; to pore over the glossy pages is an experience. A catalogue we printed for Ena Pelly, designed by Atollon Studios, is a golden example of this. The exceptional quality from our HP Indigo 12000 on Earl White stock allows the images to pop off the page and capture the viewer. With striking design, pure print can go far.


An old printing technique that has never been more relevant. The power of print comes through touch; what better way to capture that than through thick letterpress stock and ink impressions. Especially given how letterpress is increasingly rare, the cut through nature of the medium is astonishing. Most recipients of letterpress materials, print expert or not, will take a moment to appreciate how it looks and feels. Remarkable engagement for world that rarely pauses.


We have the finest machines that print unparalleled quality, but that does not mean much when the quality is wasted on bad paper. Same goes for fine paper and bad print. Together, quality print and specialty stock complement each other like a perfect pair and the results are astonishing. This example from SeeSaw design is simply white ink on Colorplan Mid Green and nothing else. Powerful and sleek with print perfection.

Bambra is a proud advocate of mastering the fundamentals. When you recognise the power of pure print, you recognise the potential of your brand. Do the basics, and do them better than everyone else, with Bambra. | (03) 8698 3233